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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bump 38 weeks pregnant! Fears, names and belly cast

38 weeks! I'm almost at the end of my second pregnancy and have slowed down a lot. I feel heavy, tired and a responsibility to Leon to avoid labouring too early: I'm due on the 21st Jan and Leon's birthday was 5th Jan so it wouldn't be fair to him to have his little brother's birthday in the same week, right? I've been staying local, not doing as much housework, not walking as far, being strict with foods and avoiding sex :S

I felt the baby drop around Christmas time and yesterday at my check up the GP couldn't feel the head so sent me for a positioning scan- thankfully the baby does have a head and it's pointing south and ready to go! I'm very excited and nervous at the same time. He's still moving a lot and I feel a lot of pressure low down- I feel he could come at any moment! 

We're still stuck for baby names, though I think it's mainly me vetoing all suggestions crossing them off as too boring, too girly, don't sound right in English, not strong enough... We have a few OK names on the list, but I'd like something brilliant! I love Zorro, Zoltan and Danté, but Diego and Joseph are pushing past as they're 'safer'. I'm waiting for the inspiration but may have to settle on a nice name soon... Or a least a feasible short list and pick one when we see him. Eek I can't believe he'll be coming so soon!

38 weeks pregnant Jan 2012

We cast my bump last night- very fun! I bought a 15cmx14m roll of Mod Roc £7.99 from a local art shop (as opposed to £25 'bump cast' kits) and it was very easy! I cut the roll into shorter strips (approx 30cm), gave husband a large bowl of warm water, lay down a load of newspaper on the living room floor, donned some old knickers then slathered on some stretch mark oil I had a lot of (you can use Vaseline, baby oil etc) and knelt on the floor with my arms above my head (to appear perky!).

There were no instructions but I figured it was basically soaking the bandages in water. A quick look on the Modroc website explained nicely that the warmer the water, the quicker the setting time - it should take 2-4 minutes to dry- super quick! It took hubby 20 minutes roughly to complete the job (start up high then work your way down) and I could feel it drying and pulling away from my body.

**NB. Make sure your plasterer squeezes out the excess water or you'll find it takes too long to dry AND mix a smaller bowl of PVA glue and water 50/50 mix and paint on a final coat inside and out to avoid a crumbly effect**

Et voila! I was happy with the result and pleased to have a memento of what could be my last pregnancy. Though- according to other half- it won't be as we'll have eight kids... Errr yeah right!

38 weeks pregnant bump cast

Now, I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to paint it, or where it'll go- but it was lots of fun and I can always whip it out to remember the pregnant feeling...


  1. Time has gone so quickly- I can't believe you're 38 weeks! You look fabulous as always x

  2. You look incredible! So beautiful!
    Love the names, especially Danté!

    Good Luck!

  3. OMG, this is brilliant! i can't believe you did this yourself! And you look gorgeous as about having him on the 16th? That's Mati's birthday :) All the best, un beso grande!!

  4. "knelt on the floor with my arms above my head (to appear perky!)" - that really made me laugh.

    You look fantastic, pregnancy obviously suits you! Good luck with everything. (Also, not that my opinion matters, but I think Danté is a brilliant name!)

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  6. Thanks guys! And I'm pleased Danté is not too horrendous! Husband not hot on it though "In France we pronounce it 'Dant'"

    @Drew thanks or the tips- am def seeing my doctors regularly and have the Babycentre app ;)

  7. Would love to know what you end up doing with your cast - I'm still trying to decide with mine (jealous that you look far more glamorous at this point in your pregnancy!).

    PS. found you through the Blow Your Own Blog Horn linky

  8. Very cool "DIY" cast - I was also wondering where on Earth will you keep it? All the best with the rest of your pregnancy & the upcoming birth (ps - also visiting from BYOBH) x

  9. The cast is such a brilliant idea! Can't wait to hear your baby news :-) x