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Saturday, 26 June 2010

World cup watching tips?

The World Cup is getting interesting now - Ghana have gone through against USA in the first knock-out game and tomorrow England V Germany AND Mexico v Argentina!! Will be a tense but brilliant day I can feel it!!!

Thanks to Js insistent watching of every game, I've got much more into the World Cup - I feel like a kid again when I used to collect those Panini stickers and paint my toenails a different World cup country flag each (with my big toes being the Mexican flag and my fingernails all ENGLAND!) -though this time I'm enjoying dressing Leonsito in football colours, and trying to find a way to celebrate without howling and making him cry - if anyone has any tips of how to get them over the celebratory yelps would be great!

However. Although it's been fun, I haven't yet watched ONE match out of my or my parents' house! I'm craving a pub and some proper atmosphere for the England games so they'd better win against our dear German friends. Next Friday we're going out for Js birthday after he finishes work and will need to watch Uruguay V Ghana quarter-final in a pub somewhere - does anyone have any ideas? Anywhere central London with a good vibe is ideal!

Found this link on timeout but is there anywhere else that's better and FREE!?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Power cut terror!

We had a power cut in Twickenham and Richmond just at the beginning of the England v Slovenia match and missed the Defoe goal!! The whole street was in a panic - people ran off to find a pub thinking it was just a cut in our street but no - the whole town was affected!

We sprung into action- dad managed to find an analogue radio somewhere upstairs and some batteries for it and little sister sorted that out - found the perfect location for the radio, I prepared some Pimms, and all was good. 4 generations huddled around the wireless and it felt good!

Fortunately power resumed with an almighty YYAAAAAAYYY resonating down the street causing Leonsito to cry - the cry usually reserved for the Goal appreciation yelps!!

We're supporting France, England and Mexico - though now France is out hubby has resorted to cheering for Argentina! Let the real games begin.....

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Pampers Pampers

Oh dear Pampers

Not great comments really, in response to the new Active Fit nappies - and I agree, they seem quite stiff and not that comfortable for my baby (8kg roughly and using 4+) and they smell weird and plasticky. I can no longer sniff my baby's bottom to see if he's done a poo as there's an awful plasticky smelling nappy covering any other smell.

I was thinking how Pampers are the biggest nappy brand in the world but can't get it right. Definitely can't get it right ecologically - they've been voted the least-green major nappy brand. Would like to try out the other greener brands but not sure how good they are.

I'd eventually like to get rid of nappies altogether as mentioned in the Matt and Harriet Rudd article in the Sunday Times last week. Need to learn the 'rhythm' though if there are any tips...?

*Just found out that this is called Elimination Communication

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Friday, 4 June 2010

Formula Won

It's been a week since we've introduced Formula milk to baby Leon.

I bought a big tub of SMA and a few bottles and it's going well so far. I bought the SMA Blue extra hungry tub and a couple of mini 250ml cartons again (great for when you're out for more than 2 hours and he needs a feed - or for my mum to feed him- as it's so easy, just snip and pout into a sterilsed bottle)  - but I have noticed that Leon is not eating the puréed carrots and very much else that I'm trying to give him and he loved it two weeks ago!

He's having 8flz oz + 8spoons of powder in a bottle 4 times a day and still some breastmilk in the morning and afternoon. He's sleeping well - sometimes through the night (8.30pm - 6amish) though when he wakes I'll sometimes feed him myself. 2 day-time naps and lots of play and stimulation - he seems happy, so I'm happy :D

Amazing how quickly we're going through nappies - especially with the new formula milk and carrot purée his poos are a lot more interesting! Will buy another tub of SMA but think that I'll try the yellow one this time which is more similar to breast-milk. Though perhaps I'll stick with the blue heavier milk for evening feeds....?