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Monday, 24 October 2011

Boardwalk Empire sexy pregnant loungewear

Love her or Hate her, you can't deny Paz de la Huerta has an amazing body and man, was I envious of her beautiful sleek baby bump in the new series of Boardwalk Empire, where she often frolics about naked. Steve Buscemi's Nucky's Ex good time girl slash cabaret dancer Lucy Danziger has become a frustrated, pregnant recluse out of an arrangement (not yet known) with the accidental father - a puritanical, married, prohibition cop.

Turns out, the bump is a cleverly made prosthetic taking 3 hours to apply, airbrush and make up onto her hot bod which is probably a good thing as the actress parties hard and her on-screen character smokes and drinks whisky. Well it is 1920.

As she's shut in her flat all day she saunters about in her negligées and beautiful silky dressing gowns, and well, I'd love one! (Makes a change from lounge wear of leggings, big vests and ponchos.)

There is a shop near me that has the perfect offering it seems... But it's strangely always shut.

Carousel (135 Richmond Road, Twickenham TW1 3AT) one of Twickenham's last antiquey/vintage shops, looks well kept and has switched on fairy lights adorning the window- but is never open. Shame, as it would make a killing.

I'm on a mission to step inside and see what wonders it bestows...

And hope to find something like these Carine Gilson silk kimono gowns in Teal or Orange but for much less than my monthly rent!


  1. how fab. I think these silky gowns make a change from stetchy lycra!! hope you are doing well x

  2. Ooh right you are! Bump and I are well thanks- kicking loads and tickling me in funny places- I forgot about that! Defo more tired this time around... Hope you're well too xx