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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Early morning wet wakeup call: hunt for the perfect nappy

Leon's been waking up at 6.30am recently with a big "mamaaaaaa!!" until I reach his bed-side and he points at the mattress which is, once agan drenched. He soaks through his nappies every morning resulting in more laundry and earlier wake-up calls. He's 22 months and familiarising himself with the potty, and can go for some dry periods during the day... But I still don't feel he's totally ready for the potty and, well I'm thinking of waiting until baby #2 is out and we move to Madrid (Feb/March) to begin the proper stuff.

Meanwhile I've been trying to find the ideal nappy for him.

Initially I was a Nature Babycare fan- chlorine-free and without the plasticky feel. I felt this was the next best thing to cloth nappies. I loved them and used them for over a year.

But then the price went up a quid (£6.49 for 28 Or 32p each), and my local Boots stopped stocking them, meaning an extra 5 minute walk to Waitrose... And more importantly, Leon had several morning episodes of waking up with the gel stuff all over the place and wet pyjamas, so I searched for an alternative.

I toyed with Boots own brand Super Dry (£4.39 for 28 or 16p each) and Pampers Active Fit & Baby Dry (£6.49 for 27 or 24p each). These were all fine during the day, but like the others, it was first thing in the morning that was the problem, and more than once, on the branded nappies, the gel would come out the top of his nappy and all over him and the bed, which wasn't a nice experience.

If Leon was potty-trained this would be, I suppose, the time for his first morning pee- but alas, he'd have to climb out of his cot, or call out to me in time to lift him out and do his business. So until then, nappies will have to do.

The solution? Friends suggested going one size up- so I've gone for size 6 nappies, even though size 5s go up to 25kg and Leon was 16kg last time I checked. And yes... It worked!

For my next baby I'd like to use washable nappies and have my eye on the birth to potty style available from several brands now, and will hopefully try them out on Leon first! Will save hundreds of pounds and quite frankly I'll feel less guilty about chucking away all those nappies.


  1. Arghh it didn't work- after 3 dry nights in siz 6s he woke me up with wet pyjama bottoms. Again. What to do?

  2. Hi there Maria. I met you briefly in Twickenham a few months back, I know your sister from school. Have you decided on which type of washable nappy you are gonna go for? just though i would let you know you about the Disana tie-on washable nappies which I use and I absolutely LOVE! They are knitted from organic cotton and you adjust the wrap on your baby as he/she grows so will fit from birth to potty. You use a booster inside the nappy and an overpant/wrap on the outside. They are a bit fiddly at first but they really are beautiful, and I think a lot more cost effective than other brands on the market.

    Check this link out,

    And if you wanted to meet up so I could show you one let me know!

  3. Wow thanks Marissa they look beautiful and soo comfy. At $19.95 for a 3 pack that's pretty cheap as well. I'd love to see them in action and how you're getting on. I'll ask Antonia for your deets or email me I've only tried one type so far that I was happy with- but this looks so soft and lovely and cheap!! X