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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bump 40 weeks pregnant

40 weeks pregnant

Due date's been and gone and I've done many things to encourage the onset of this baby's birth:

Pineapple and curries - though abandoned when I realised it would take at least 7 pineapples to make the slightest difference and my stomach wouldn't appreciate too many curries. Several tweeps also advised against the idea and suggested acupuncture instead. I pressed my thumbs for 3 minutes in hope of a twinge and then got bored. Will look up a local acupuncturist or ask my reflexology friend for mates rates. She has a 50% success rate for birth induction through reflexology but costs £45 a sesh... I've cleaned the flat again, and again and been keeping active mainly running after Leon and jumping around with him to the tune of Hop Little Bunny. My man's been doing his bit too by giving me a fair amount of prostaglandins..

Now baby. Where are you?!

*er... this was meant to be posted on Sat 21st Jan ;)

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