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We have not invested in numerous objects for our baby but could not have been without:

Moses Basket

 Originally £29 from John Lewis, but I found it FREE on Freegle


We've just moved Leon into his new cot (3 and a half months) and he's loving it!
Cheapest one was the Luca Cot at £69 (plus £30 mattress) from John Lewis and only took 30 mins to assemble ;)


Generous Grandmère treated Leon to a new pram and we opted for the iCandy Cherry - a great alternative to Bugaboo clones all around and it is really lightweight and compact - great for public transport and for climbing up to our first-floor flat. Paid £300 for pushchair plus £145 for carrycot which doubled up as a travel cot when we went to visit the Frenchies. Leon's already outgrown the carrycot (he is a big baby) so will try out the seat part today, which also reclines.

This cotton sling from has served me and Leon well and means that I don't have to take the pram with me for each trip to the grocers, post office or up into the city. Leon is happy inside and sees the world :D   He can even sleep in it! It's just a long (non-stretchy) piece of fabric but strong enough to hold a toddler. Check out the website for wrapping instructions for many positions.

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