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Hello I started this blog as an extended baby book recording milestones, thoughts and experiences as a youngish mother raising a child with 3 cultures. Now it's a mish-mash of whatever's going on in my mixed up head, as and when I can!

I don't tweet all day but if you want to read, come follow. Often I'd rather use my hands sticking together collages, papier mâché sculptures, painting with my boys, making cards, playing cars, building Lego cities, playing music, running in the park with our friends or working (I'm a marketing freelancer). I sometimes find it a struggle to find a balance between modern day opportunities and traditional ideals, but Music makes everything better! I love the energy a clean home gives, avocado on toast with black pepper, going out with my man, vintage shopping, coffee and cake, responsible mass consumption, taking care of the environment and big fat dirty beats.

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