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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Power cut terror!

We had a power cut in Twickenham and Richmond just at the beginning of the England v Slovenia match and missed the Defoe goal!! The whole street was in a panic - people ran off to find a pub thinking it was just a cut in our street but no - the whole town was affected!

We sprung into action- dad managed to find an analogue radio somewhere upstairs and some batteries for it and little sister sorted that out - found the perfect location for the radio, I prepared some Pimms, and all was good. 4 generations huddled around the wireless and it felt good!

Fortunately power resumed with an almighty YYAAAAAAYYY resonating down the street causing Leonsito to cry - the cry usually reserved for the Goal appreciation yelps!!

We're supporting France, England and Mexico - though now France is out hubby has resorted to cheering for Argentina! Let the real games begin.....

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