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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Beating the Baby bulge II : 5 Housework Workout tips

11 months post birth and there's enough to keep me on my feet, but I'm not really exercising anymore, have neglected any sort of 'crunch' and I feel, well blobby. My weight is fine - but all skin, bones, fat and no toning anywhere!

I'd love to find an exercise class of a mix between ballet, aerobics, yoga and pole dancing while the babies are occupied in a playpen or something, but don't want to commit to any classes and well - rather have the cash for other things. Buggyfit is brilliant in that you don't worry about what to do with the baby and you don't commit - but I feel like I want to be pushed more and baby isn't keen on staying in his buggy for too long and has a mighty cough that it would be unfair to leave him open to the harsh winter.

I asked my Granny what she did for exercise in the 1950s and her response was "we didn't have all those machines doing the housework for us - THAT was our exercise". I suppose I'd never thought of it like that. So I've made an effort to 'put my back into it' and do the following FIVE housework workout exercises in cleaning my little flat

1. Techno turbo-tidying
Stretch, squat, reach, and suck in that tummy while turbo-tidying allocating 5 minutes per room. Hard-house or dirty beats helps to get you moving and makes it more fun to clear stuff from the tables, chairs, beds, clutter hotspots and BACK WHERE THEY BELONG! (If you don't use it - ask yourself why you have it...) and wiping surfaces.
Added benefit : Preps the home for the rest of the cleaning and gives you space to breathe. Good Chi.

2. SCRUB the kitchen floors
It's all too easy to mop from above but in a small kitchen like mine it won't get you moving. Getting down on one's knees, sucking in your tummy and stretching your body into all those corners can really feel good and you are close enough to see if the floor is really pristine ;) 50 calories for 10 minutes
Added benefit : Can slide around on the floor with socks on and fallen baby food/spoons can be given back to baby! 3-second rule still applies
The secret to Madonna's toned body is really from all that scrubbing
3. INTENSE hoovering
I love vacuuming. The sound of crumbs and crap wooshing up the hoover is so rewarding and the clean carpets make the rest of the house look clean even if not. Hoovering is great for upper body (I imagine) and repetitive lunges makes for better results! Try bouncing on a squat too whilst in the middle of a room and rotate on one foot - this really feels like exercise and is fun! 50 calories for 10 minutes
Added  benefit : Vacuum noise will occupy baby for a while, can roll around with baby on the floor afterwards, know baby won't eat old peas from under table

4. Washing up and ironing Ballet
Seeing as you're not really able to go far; stand tall, suck everything in, check your posture, breathing and in first position (legs together, feet pointed outwards) do a few pliés, then in second position (heels shoulder width apart) a few leg lifts to the side and back. Classic FM often helps and really squeeze in those bumcheeks. 30 calories for 10 minutes
Added benefit : Inner calm, straight back and firm ass

5. Daily Bathroom BLITZ
Some more stretching, squatting, reaching to wipe clean your beloved bathroom for just 5mins a day means it will never get to that grimey stage. 
Added benefit : Sparkling bathroom is always welcome for visitors - and most importantly for you.

Finish this off with a speedy shower and then play with your baby in your squeaky clean home
A few 'Superbaby' lifts with your heavy baby on your legs, or using him as a weight for squat and lift is also rather fun. My baby always laughs when I dance - so get moving!


  1. Dancing is my number one, favourite way to exercise.

  2. Love this post and like you find vaccuuming so rewarding, wonder what your Gran would make of a pole dancing class?

  3. I love your housework/exercise tips! Your son looks lovely too.

    Thank you for your comments at my blog. In answer to your question, I do have a small downstairs hall that has been converted into a walk in wardrobe. I deliberately had no children so I spend my money on clothes, going out, my house and holidays so over the years (I'm 42 next month) I've collected a ridiculous amount. I've just had a huge clearout and given lots away to friends. Lovely to have found your blog xx

  4. I LOVE vacuuming too - thought I was the only one! Good tips too will keep in mind for when preggers!

  5. love this post and the tips (am also feeling a bit blobby...) Your blog is great!