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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding - pro but no show

I'm gutted to be missing this amazing day in British history. Yes I'm one of those - very excited about the whole ordeal and very happy for William and Kate. I feel that we grew up with those princes and they're so likeable who could be bitter about it? I've always been in the pro-monarchy camp as it just makes me feel happy inside but totally empathise with those not getting why tax-payers are paying etc etc. It doesn't happen every day and I'm happy to foot the bill. (By the way the Royal Family only cost! us 62p a year!) But the excitement of everyone united to be happy for something - like England being in a World Cup Final - but that doesn't happen very often and it's only a quarter of Britain so I can't really think of anything else that would unite us... Perhaps the announcement of a new PM?

But the dress, the carriage (or is it a car?) the smiles and the flags and most importantly the atmosphere! Street Parties galore! Richmond-Upon-Thames has 100 planned and my own street is having a celebration. It will be incredible and I'm gutted to miss it.

So why am I missing it? To go to mon cheri's homeland for a fab holiday so I can't complain. At all. but part of me sunk and died when I realised I couldn't partake in what I predict will be a day of spectacular happiness, community love and merriment! But timing's oh so important in terms of Eurostar pricing so will be eagerly watching Kate entering Westminister Abbey on a big screen (hopefully) somewhere in King's Cross station and not amidst my compatriots. 

Wishing you all a brilliant day tomorrow even if you're not watching the wedding ;)

How could you not be happy for them?

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  1. Have a wonderful time in France. It will be lovely to see to lovely people get married tomorrow no matter their background. I wish them a long and loving marriage. Xxxx