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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

First word: Bubbles!

At almost 20 months, Leon's managed a few words so far : hello, doggie, bowl, balls, mummy, daddy, jardin, chien... and members of my family. But aside from 'mummy', BUBBLES has to be my favourite!

I'm still after the perfect bubbles top-up solution as ours always seems 'heavy' so please share your tips! I've found a few recipes along the lines of washing up liquid : water ranging from 1:4 - 1:14 with added sugar and some suggest keeping over night, but if you have words of wisdom or links please share!


  1. i dont know the name in english but you speak spanish too :D but for the perfect buubles i heard you can put in the soap "glicerina" do you know what it is?

  2. I'm a new follower of your blog. My sister lives in Mexico!

  3. Ah si- Glycerin! I'll try that out- I can see how that makes it gloopier!

  4. My son is also 20 months and started saying bubbles, which is so sweet :)