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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Dream Appartment in Paris

We're planning on moving to Paris at the end of this year. Previously - I was after the centrally located, high ceilings, 'F2' appartment with obligatory balcony, bath, separate kitchen etc.

 Not to mention - beautiful.

Now after spending so much time at our current flat (1-bed 100 year old flat above a shop in charming street in Twickenham, near the river) with the baby I've come to appreciate certain things. I realise the most important thing will be light : large windows and lots of light. We currently get beautifully warm light in the morning and afternoon in our bedroom - but the living room is constantly so dark because of the little window and scaffolding above it! I've really appreciated having new carpets and freshly painted walls from the beginning and it's so important to be easy to keep the place clean. Knowing that I need to de-clutter my life it would be helpful to have more storage for all our stuff and the liberty to nail things to the wall/ceiling (for mobiles, pictures, mirrors etc.)

It's these simple things that make me feel better about finding something smaller (ergo cheaper!) but nice to live in :) I don't even care if we rent a studio flat in Paris - as long as it's high up as a 'chambre de bonne' with a couple of small balconies (yes I'll have gates for the baby!), a working lift (running up to 6th floor a few times a day was fine for 6 months when I was 22 and baby-free - but not with the pram, shopping and baby in my arms) and a separate bathroom and kitchen, I will gladly live there. Even just out of Paris in Montreuil would be great. It will be a helluva lot cheaper than the two-bed flat in Montmartre, and would probably be the same size anyway!

Shall start de-cluttering soon and make the most out of my lovely little flat before it's time to go...

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