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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The new baby boomers: a menace? - Times Online

The new baby boomers: a menace? - Times Online

Helen Rumbelow's interesting article of current baby boom hits the spot... I was already amazed at the numbers of prams invading the high streets before finding out I was pregnant and now - we're contributing to this boom. Good thing we're planning on leaving the country for a few years to live in Paris, though it will be interesting to see if France has the same trend.

Richmond-Upon-Thames might be one of the places people move to and start families due to the wonderful parks, decent school and quick access to London- but it does now feel like a breeding ground.

Invasion of the buggies

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  1. We're currently trying to "leave" the country but if we don't succeed one of the areas we have on our " we could move here" list is Richmond. For the very reasons you list. Trust me, you don't get that many buggies in SW16 :o) But yes, Richmond, In Between The Commons, Wimbledon etc etc It's Buggy Heaven and God forbid you don't have a BUGABOO ;0)