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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Tone it up

Sport and me never mixed well - I am not a gym bunny or a jogger, but have always loved dancing (at parties, clubs, at home!) to shake myself out a bit, jump and move! If possible, I like swimming or playing tennis but I don't make enough effort to go. My main problem I think, are my un-toned core muscles - I always feel the need to STREEEEETCH. Yoga is nice and all, but a bit too slow for me.

It's all about Ballet.

Ballet Tone seems to have it all, stretch, tone, grace and elegance! I'm enrolling in one of the "Ballet-Inspired Dance fitness and toning" local class at the adult college so hope it's good! Watch this space...

I'm not sure if the class I'm taking is the same as but these points could inspire you too!
* For beautiful legs... "Tendus" really lengthen and tone up the legs, when done correctly
* For good bums... Ballet-tone will lift your spirits as well as your buttocks
* To walk tall...Take away with you after each class an elegant, confident posture

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