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Monday, 5 April 2010

The trouble with sleeping...

Initially our baby wouldn't sleep in his Moses basket at night so we co-slept for a few weeks which was convenient for feeding, but not great for husband and me. I wouldn't sleep as deeply knowing that he could be squashed by snoring and wriggling hubby and of course we couldn't be very intimate - but in the first month it was a nice feeling to know that we were all there together keeping each other warm. It felt very primal but right. Which is the opposite of what I think we're meant to feel. This article explains the role of evolution in this and how it's actually a preventative measure of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) as it's all to do with babies 'forgetting' how to breathe as they switch between controlled and automated breathing between 2-4 month of age. Having their parents breathe near them reminds them that they need to breathe! Interesting article in any case.

We were pleased to finally get him to sleep in his own basket however, and this was thanks to swaddling! Worked a dream and I got the technique down thanks to a few YouTube videos such as this one. The next challenge is to see if he will sleep well in his cot when we transfer him...

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