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Monday, 19 April 2010

Sling Meet

I went to a "Sling Meet" at Southbank last week which is a gathering of mums who enjoy babywearing and a gives you a chance to try out other peoples slings. There are so many different types it's an opportunity to discover which works best for you and baby and ogle the pretty Mei Ties and other slings I've never heard of. I was there to get some help in tieing my cotton wrap. The mums there were really nice and down to earth and really helped. The sun was shining and it was a lovely day! Southbank is a great meeting spot for us as it's close to Waterloo with easy access with a lift to the upper levels (Although it was a sling meet, I had to go with my pram as I hadn't quite yet mastered the sling!).

Left there a happy mummy and most importantly now confident to put the little one in the sling more often! We even picked up daddy from the station after work pramless!

Definitely going to the next sling meet which is tomorrow at Southbank again.

For a list of sling meets near you look at

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