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Saturday, 9 October 2010

swimming baby

Finally taking my baby for a swim next week with some other mums. On holiday the water was too cold or it freaked him out but he wouldn't go into the Med. perhaps we should have persisted, but I think he's already discovering swimming at bath-time, though the pool will be great as it's much deeper and maybe he'll go for it more. I think he'd really enjoy being in the warm water and moving, splashing about.
Was pleased to have come across this comment on a webpage while looking for the pic of a swimming baby: "It's great for prewalkers that are really frustrated by not being able to move on their own."

Leonsito's 9 months, large, not completely crawling yet, but is slowly getting there. I think this will allow him to play more in the water as opposed to the bathtime where he's often just ready to go to bed (perhaps i should bathe him earlier...)

What does your baby wear to go swimming in a public pool - just a swimming nappy or a t-shirt, body as well?

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