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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Language update 22 months and TELLY

Despite my debuts of One Parent, One Language I've been dipping in and out the other two languages and Leon's getting the hang of speaking- all be it in a medley of tongues...

Still using english for objects: Ball, book, bag, door, juice, tea, shoooes, teeth

And actions: down, uppa

French words for foodie words:
Pain, lait

And politesse: "Merci Mummy!" that he says a lot once I've handed him something. I've managed to get "peeease" out of him a few times though ;)

Transport is british: Car, bus, bi (bike)
Still using phonetic: "Choo choo" and "nyaow" for train and aeroplane

Animal noises are usually phonetic too: miaow, panting for dog (though he's calling the shop downstairs' dog her real name Poppy), baa, mooo, mmm followed by enthusiastic arm swinging for elephant and lots more if he sees them in books actually. It's exciting to see his progress and that he's repeating words when prompted.

He picked up "Dame!" (give me) very well from his abuela, and was also using it for 'here you go' but now he's saying "Toma!" Which is also the Spanish way.

He also loves singing Bob the Builder and often asks to watch Fireman Sam by shouting "Saaaam!" and sings along- or tries and manages a 'doooor' at the end. He also asks for Chuggington or Thomas the tank Engine by demanding "Choo Choo!" and loves "Papa Pat and miaow" (Postman Pat) and "Baa" (Timmy Time) as much as I do.

I've smartened up by recording several programme from each series to always have some on hand as we're often not around for scheduled times and that way I can skip the masses of ads! It also gives me more control. I prefer that he watches the old school stop-motion type programmes instead of the more computerised versions.

He often stops watching once the intro music has ended making it almost safe to switch off but then I get "Noooo!! Telly!! Saaaaaam/Choochoo/Paaat" Ayayay... I admit to letting him watch a bit more than I'd like but it's not for more than an hour in total and sometimes not at all. He enjoys
It and I do think he's learned a lot more from watching it: giving animals and machines personalities, and learning about emergency services and the building trade in detail!

How much telly does your tot watch?


  1. We watch about an hour of CBeebies together each day, but I try to stick with the more educational programs (there's one about an allotment with vegetables that talk, and one called 'I can cook' - so I hope she's learning a bit from these) although shamefully her favourites are Teletubbies and In the night garden. We balance this with lots of reading though :)

  2. My son is 14 months and likes watching his nursery rhymes dvd (about 20 minutes every day). Just before each one starts, they show the title and he looks at me so I can tell him which one it is. If he doesn't like that rhyme (if it doesn't have any birds in it), he shoves the remote at me to skip to the next! We're still waiting for words - the only thing he can say is, 'mama'.

  3. Hey! That's so good! maybe there's hope for my lil trilingual boy as well! He doesn't watch tv at all I'm afraid. Now that we're in Sweden he watches some kiddie shows with his cousins, but never seems to interested. I'm a huge pro-tv mama so gonna try get more of that into our routine, cause I think it can be really educational! x

  4. Alice- so good that it's together and I like that you choose 'educational' shows! I'm increasingly leaving him in front of it while I can get on with something else (so shameful)

    LagosMum that's so cool he vetoes it off if it lacks birds! I love this stage when they figure out how to communicate their tastes to us. Mama was one of Leon's first words too- it still makes me warm inside when he says it. Oh, apart from when he shouts it at me.

    Isra : it's good that he doesn't watch tv! I wish Leon didn't like it so much. It's not great for their little eyes and he gets all weird and consumed by it all- sucked in. Make the most of it ;) x