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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mexico lindo

There's something quite therapeutic about 10 days in the sun when back home it's cold and grey. No shit Sherlock. But trips to my half-homeland Mexico, always instill a happiness in me as I feel closer to the culture that I've never lived in for more than weeks at a time. One day I'd love to live there, but for now I shall relish in the gifts it offers all my senses.

Contrary to our previous trip, 3 years ago where not-yet-hubby and I travelled a month in central Mexico on the cheap- we recently spent 5 days in heavenly 32C Acapulco (I hardly moved from the hotel but hubby got to venture out) and then back to Mexico City to see my family and then some friends for a wedding. It was amazing and a much needed break for us both: definitely for my man who got to spend quality time with us, and marginally more time for me as I had some help with Leon!

There are plenty of flying with a toddler tips out there - but when almost 7 months pregnant it's an extra issue. I had Leon's invaluable tiny back-pack filled with goodies like raisins, cars, dinosaurs, colouring books, crayons, flash cards, books, a clementine and a little pot of plasticine. He enjoyed unzipping the bag himself and taking out what he wanted but he slept a lot of the flight. We hardly used the iPad as envisioned.

However, a 10 hour flight with toddler + 7 month pregnant mummy = husband kicked off his seat by toddler and sleeps on floor

Discovering the kids play zone at hotel is a farce and you need to supervise kids = never seeing the adult only area with white canopy beds, tranquility and an infinity pool... Shame.

Make sure someone happily takes tot down water slide "Again!" and "Again!"

Ignorance is bliss - dont question the police with massive guns stationed outside your hotel. Believe it's protection and don't look at them in the eye.

Don't read the news before going to Mexico. The mall in front of our hotel had headless corpses strung up with "Do not enter or the same will happen to you" marked above it only weeks before we arrived. Pray for the end of narco war through legalisation or better governing.

Jardines de la Casa Azul
Frida and Diego's Dia del Muertos Shrine

The different languages, people and experiences will improve language skills: Leon loved seeing the "turtles" and cookatoos, toucans, parrots he understood were "birds" and you could see he was excited at all the new sights. He adapted really well to this amazing culture and loved the food and attention.

Coyoacan Market
Coyoacan market

Carne asada con arroz

A long-haul flight with a Tequila hangover is not advisable (not me of course!) No image recommended
He digged the travelator

If you're planning on going to Mexico- I recommend visiting the following: amazing lakes- Las Lagunas de MonteBello, explore the Mayan ruins admist the monkeys in the Palenque jungle, swim the pacific in front of rustic beach cabins on the wonderfully simple, hippyish Zipolite (expect naked people), discover the indigenous villages near San Cristobal de las Casas, swim with pelicans in the fishing town of Zihuatenejo, eat crickets and see amazing folkoric dances in Oaxaca. Do take the time to visit Morelia and Puebla, not far from Mexico DF that has a lot going on in itself, and of course shopping in any of the markets. We're saving the Yucatan peninsula for another time and I'd love to visit Guadalajara one day too.


  1. Hi, I am new to your Blog. This post hit home..I haven't been to Mexico in over 2 years and although I miss my family and the beauty that is culture...I can't push myself to travel with a 2 year old and an 8 month old..from fear of being on the new and becoming one of those horror stories... It's hard to feel peace in times of war but I pray that things to get better so that I can one day teach my children where we came the mean time I live vicariously through excellent travelers like you...Thank you for sharing! :D Loving your Blog!

  2. That looks heavenly - I want a holiday! x

  3. Que bueno que pudistes ir a Mexico! Did you get to see your family too? These are great pictures and you look fabulous! When is the official due date? Un beso grande! xx

  4. Gosh, that all looks beautiful and a little scary!

    hope all goes well with number two!

  5. Hi Connie! Gracias por tu commentario- Thing is, I dont believe they touch the tourists - just those who stand in their way or who have Mexican bank accounts so as a 'tourist' I kind of feel safe. DF has no problems either as far as I know... Hope it stays that way and the rest improves.

    Alice aren't you living a perpetual holiday in the country? ;)

    MJ Gracias Chica! Yes we saw family which was lovely as we could introduce Leon :D bet your family are loving catching up with you lot! Due date officially 21st Jan.... Argh!

    Thanks Northern Mum - we're tough nuts we are! Or temptation of holiday in the sun and seeing family too much to resist ;) x