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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cybher meet and great

Irk, my man joked that I would not be allowed in to Cybher as haven't been very Cyber lately- this is true- I've felt completely deplugged- but now with Elias the 3 month old sleeping on his own at night and my Leon at la guarderia 5 mornings a week thus not demanding the iPad every time I use it, I can hit the Cyber waters once again. I've felt not able to spend time on online things which is a shame, but am focusing more on my physical space as just moved house to SPAIN. It's time to Cyberize once more.

Bla blah blah

This is me

Name: Maria
Twitter ID: @Mariahalse
Height: 5ft 6/7ish? - Too tall for heels - sniff ;,(
Hair: Dark brown with fringe - piled into a big bun

5 things you should know about me
1. I have just settled into our new home in central Madrid with 2 babies but miss lush SW London
2. I would have loved to have been in a rock band playing badass bass but it never happened
3. My patience surprises me: I marvel at my 2 year old singing the Circle of Life at top volume on repeat.
4. I love traipsing Le Marais for €10 vintage dresses and big piles of 2nd hand tat in flea markets for hidden treasures!
5. I desperately miss night time dancing but don't do anything about it. Yet

Hope to meet some more fab bloggers on Saturday! See you then and do say hi - I'll have a baby strapped to me. (And if you're going to Cybher make sure you check out some other meet & greets here!)

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