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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Queen Elizabeth Diamond jubilee

1952: At 25 years old, Elizabeth's father died and she became Queen to travel the world and look after Britain. 60 years on and I realise I don't know much about her life.

I love these pictures from her first commonwealth tour, through 1950s and 1960s. There's a brilliant timeline on the official jubilee website.

Not many street parties going on here in Madrid so have invited some people over for a jubilee inspired coffee morning next week!

*All images from aforementioned website licensed to press association- do I need to ask to use these...? Should have attended the Cybher session on legalities and images*

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  1. Hi Maria, Nice to meet you! Love your blog! Couldn't agree more about no street parties in Madrid. Have searched and searched but nothing, only the Food Hall's BBQ and of course your coffee morning but nothing official by the Embassy or Consulate or expat groups... Would have loved to be involved in some special event to mark such a special occasion but as a stretched-for-time-working-mum have left it too late to organise!! Have a lovely jubilee coffee morning! and keep blogging and enjoying Madrid - it's a lovely city to have kids in!