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Monday, 25 June 2012


I'm constantly springing around my home barefoot and managed to step on a thorn-like black thing that I can't get out of the ball of my right foot. Feels like glass, but is black and smaller- a splinter or perhaps a bee sting but I didn't spot any bees on the floor. It's incredibly frustrating digging around the the underside of my foot with tweezers and a needle but give up after 5 minutes as ankle aches from the twist and I realise I'm digging deep into my foot and possibly making it worse (or I'm needed by a child...). I can't get the thing out. It's even more gross as I've realised the extent of pedi neglect and thick layers of dry skin make the task harder and more disgusting. I walked on it a lot yesterday so have probably lodged it in more though I've been limping along the side of it. At nighttime the immense corridor appears more like an expedition than a few leaps.

I feel lame.

Foreign body in my foot get the fuck out!!

**Update: IT WAS A MASSIVE SHARD OF GLASS and it's out now PHEW**

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