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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

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Leon loves his brother- I know this- but I worry about his displays of aggression towards Elias that can happen most days through roaring loudly at him, thumping, pinching and kicking him for no apparent reason. It seems that he's realised all the attention he gets from me and how much time we spend together and isn't liking it. Im making more of an effort to take time to play Duplo on the floor with Leon and praise him for all the positives and it's paying off. I've become more patient too and try not to take out my anger of his actions on him but still discipline him appropriately. It's hard not to leave them both together, especially when I know Leon really cares for him but it's not possible and this makes it tough for me constantly moving baby around the flat in the afternoons when leon's back from playschool.

He shares his apple as well as his toys with his little brother and can't wait for him to be able to play with him properly. He loves giving him cuddles and jumping on him- still not twigging how little he really is.

Need to find ways of them playing together safely I suppose. Elias wants to move around a lot more too- though he can't yet and I feel like I'm constantly surveilling them!


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